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Cryptocurrencies development revolutionized financial infrastructure. Cryptocurrencies benefit from the lower cost of processing transactions, less dependence on cash, and increased money mobility across the globe. There are many cryptos with many advantages, including Aelf.  Aelf is an open-source blockchain network.

What is Aelf (ELF)?

There are key objectives behind the development of Aelf, including a highly customizable OS for commercial use, cross-chain interaction, performance improvement, protocol update, and private chain module.


Aelf (ELF) is an open-source blockchain network offering unique solutions to companies and firms. An open-source blockchain is a public, transparent way to keep records and eliminate operator tampering or revisions. The project implements an intelligent and advanced secure blockchain cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure segregates cloud computing networks and provides infinite scalability as its main feature. The unlimited scalability allows adding as many servers as needed to lever an increased number of transactions on the web. The independent sidechains run on different servers do this. Thus, it guarantees all the computing needs to the client.


Aelf (ELF) blockchain works with dApps, the decentralized finance market (DeFi). This decentralized market allows two or more parties to exchange, lend, borrow, and trade directly using blockchain technology. Additionally, Aelf blockchain helps projects offer lending services, NFT creation, and swapping platforms. Aelf (ELF) cryptocurrency is interoperable with other networks. Internal mechanisms enable data or digital assets to migrate to other sidechains in the networks’ ability to reach their computer center. 

Aelf (ELF): roots and history

At the end of 2017, multiple exchanges in China released Aelf (ELF) with a total supply of 250 million ELF without any ICO. Ma Haobao, also the CEO of Hoopox, developed Aelf. A solid advisory board, including Michael Arrington (CEO of TechCrunch and founding partner of FGB Capital), supports the team. Soon after, ELF got private investors on board. Following its release, Aelf experienced a massive commercial adoption and attracted many crypto enthusiasts. Having focused on Aelf development, the team tries to provide a template and infrastructure for interaction between the sidechains to improve other chains in the ecosystem.

Since its release at the end of 2017, Aelf (ELF) has experienced a volatile price over the last years. The Aelf (ELF) price did not sustain, and the coin moved from $0.50 to under $0.06 throughout the years. In mid-2019, Aelf crypto price revived slightly, but the expansion did not sustain. In 2021, like other cryptos, Aelf’s price rose and reached the resistance level of $0.50 once again. The ELF cryptocurrency price is still growing. This rise in Aelf price may account for massive adoption of this crypto or the general expansion of the cryptocurrency market. 

How does Aelf (ELF) work?

Aelf incorporates modern technologies such as cloud nodes and parallel processing to achieve secure transactions at a commercial scale. The Aelf Coin is the leading crypto on the technology front. According to the anticipations, Aelf is to be the Linux of Blockchains. Since ELF are currently ERC20 tokens, you can store them in any wallet with ERC20 support like MyEtherWallet or Exodus.

Aelf intends to become the new internet infrastructure to support the next generation of digital businesses. Undoubtedly, we need a large amount of capital to build an ecosystem. In addition to fundraising through Token sale, Aelf team established a strong alliance with leading crypto funds. The team and its advisors work in numerous Blockchain projects with a few industries as the early adaptors and Blockchain stars on Aelf. Aelf provides industries like financial services, insurance, digital identity and IPs, smart city, and internet of things with Blockchain quality services.

Furthermore, there are core approaches to realizing Aelf system. These approaches address performance enhancements, resource segregation, and structure of governance. The Aelf system aims at resolving practical technical problems using already tested solutions. Thus, it addresses mature configuration provisions for the stable execution of business applications instead of optimizing Blockchain concepts. Further, Aelf ceases to support a one-chain-fits-all solution to protect contracts from redundant mutual interference and maintain their regular running on Blockchain. Also, historical limitations make it challenging to define a newly developed Blockchain governance structure. 

Why choose Aelf?

Aelf enables businesses to build up their dapps on their chains with minimum effort by laying out the fundamental blockchain infrastructure. Aelf crypto developers intend to create new solutions and improve the offered services. The Aelf improvements will help the Aelf to have more significant users and continuous growth.

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How to buy Aelf (ELF)?

Buying cryptocurrency may entail levels of risk. You can purchase Aelf (ELF) crypto on many platforms. does not provide you with Aelf (ELF); however, the Bitunivex expert team recommends the following steps to gain Aelf (ELF).

  1. Find an exchange that supports both fiat and cryptocurrency (to have better options, please compare cryptocurrency exchanges for fees, security, and payment methods).
  2. Create an account on the chosen exchange.
  3. Deposit funds into your account (you may fund your account with a bank transfer, pay via credit card or debit card, and deposit cryptocurrency from a crypto wallet).
  4. Go through your Aelf purchase and find the best wallet to store ELF.

before deciding, please spend time researching; stick to a well-reputed crypto exchange; try to store your cryptocurrency on a hardware wallet instead of an exchange; and find out information about the coin founders and creators, since cryptocurrencies with unknown or false developers are red flags. 

Is Aelf real and safe?

Alef coin is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies and the most promising crypto solutions in the crypto market. Accordingly, this attracts many investors all around the world. In addition, Aelf crypto offers the best possible services to companies and individuals. However, Aelf developer companies and crypto-projects should start adding infrastructure to better support it. Hopefully, this natural process will evolve.

Aelf also offers a rewards system called Candy. Candy rewards system earners obtain points, convertible for ELF, by accomplishing simple, daily tasks. The rewarded tasks are liking and replying to Aelf tweets, inviting people to the Telegram channel, and other promotional activities.

If you are interested in additional security, you can consider the Ledger Nano S a great option. Aelf is a new competitor in the dapp platform race; however, it enjoys solid support from large investment capital firms.