Best Play to Earn Crypto Games – Introducing Top 28 Games

Crypto game
Best Play to Earn Crypto Games – Introducing Top 28 Games

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been everywhere around us for a while, and many people, tech-savvy or not, have invested in this relatively new digital currency. Investing in cryptocurrency can be daunting to venture, as it does not guarantee your money back. What if you know that you could earn crypto playing crypto games without spending a dime?

Let’s talk about Play-to-Earn games, this new joystick where you will earn crypto money by playing. We have a few articles here that talk about some games that can help you win, but since they will take a lot of time and skill, like MMORPG or Battle Royale-style games, we’ll mention some of them here. Not forgetting the most hardcore game fans who are more comfortable can be played on mobile on the way home or do not require a lot of your time.

Crypto game

Where to buy cryptocurrency in Australia?

Many bitcoin games on app stores allow you to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This guide provides a summary of the best you can download today. However, if you are within the Australian borders, the best advice is to click on Bitunivex and create a user account. You will be able to trade different cryptocurrencies through Bitunivex. You can also buy necessary tokens and own a safe wallet to save your earned money and change them into an actual amount of cash.

While cryptocurrencies and NFTs continue to occupy an increasingly more important place in our lives, the play-to-earn model also opens the door to a new earnings generation. Let’s look at the GameFi system, which operates on a win-win model, and its prominent examples.

To start with the most basic, what is GameFi?

GameFi is a blockchain-based game that offers its players the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency as they play. These productions combine DeFi and NFTs with blockchain infrastructure, offering players safe gaming and achieving environments. Apart from most of the pay-to-win games we are used to, this system stands on the play-to-earn (play-to-win) model.

How does the crypto game work?

Each in-game virtual item you can obtain as you play the game is in NFT format. Players can earn profits by exchanging the NFTs they find and own in the game with other players and users through virtual markets. Of course, it is possible to fight against other players in various tournaments or to generate income by building systems that other players will use in the game.

What will we need to play crypto games?

First and foremost is to have a cryptocurrency wallet. Thanks to this cryptocurrency wallet, you will be able to perform all your trading transactions and keep your NFTs securely. It is helpful to find out which blockchain the game you will play is connected with and choose your wallet accordingly.

Don’t forget to get the starter items. All GameFi games are free to play. However, you may need to buy characters, card decks, or different in-game items depending on the game to get a solid start on most of them, all of which is possible by consulting the professional team in Bitunivex.

Everything is ready, so what games are the best to start gaining money?

More and more projects are entering the GameFi system, which is constantly developing and growing. While the rise of cryptocurrencies is evident in the game world, some game projects also offer their players the opportunity to earn real money. We have listed some game projects for you where you can earn real money by acquiring and selling crypto money or NFT.

The rise of cryptocurrencies is not only through investment. Cryptocurrencies serving a project are appreciated if they gain trust from their investors. We were evidence of the most recent example of this with Facebook’s announcement of the metaverse project. The rise of metaverse-based projects in cryptocurrencies and the rise of Web 3.0 projects are good examples of this issue. On the other hand, the game industry, a different sector, has started to turn to Metaverse and blockchain-based games.

The majority of blockchain-based games on the market today also reward their players. Players can sell the items they have obtained, produced, or somehow acquired in the game in exchange for crypto money, turning this into real money. We have listed some game projects to earn crypto money and NFT as you play for our followers who say, “where can I do this.”

play to earn crypto

What are the best crypto games to earn crypto assets while playing?

Play-to-win games were one of the fast-growing segments in the crypto-asset market. However, with the effect of quarantine, players started to show interest, and this interest has even continued.

According to the observers, daily activity across all crypto-asset games on PC, Android, and iOS has increased considerably. The market value of different coins has grown even more than before.

In early 2021, a currency of NFTs sold for increasing amounts which was unbelievable in the gaming world. According to some reports, the total NFT transaction volume reached $22 billion in August from $338 million in January. Most of that money is in games and provides unique collectibles for in-game items.

Making money in crypto-asset games with the aim of NFTs is getting more and more pleased by the traders and gamers worldwide. For example, in Battle Pets, pets are representatives of tokens. Players collect, grow, breed, wage battles between pets, or withdraw crypto assets earned by selling them.

What is Bitcoin?

Before we get into the Bitcoin game, let’s look at Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency to date. It is digital money, but unlike “real” cash like our Brazilian Real (R$), it is not affiliated with or regulated by a bank or government. Anyone using bitcoin can spend it anonymously, to the delight of tech geeks.

Despite being anonymous, these transactions are still secure; Every bitcoin transaction is recorded in a public ledger that anyone can access, so it would be nearly impossible to reverse and falsify these transactions. Of course, bitcoin is not just a cryptocurrency globally, and there are different coins worth trading.

More than 5,000 cryptocurrencies are available online; the most famous cryptos are Ethereum, Phoneum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and Dogecoin. There are a lot of companies in the world that still do not accept money through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; however, some big companies like Microsoft and PayPal have started to do so. This process proves that cryptocurrency can be the future of money.

Best games to earn cryptocurrencies

Want a better way to earn cryptocurrency than playing games? The games are free to download; you can have fun and make some money. Here we mention some of the best cryptocurrency games you can play to earn cryptocurrency.

Bitunivex has listed the best crypto asset games where you can earn money while playing.

Crypto game

 First crypto games you should know about: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a crypto asset acquisition game inspired by Pokémon and Tamagotchi. It belongs to around 810% of daily activity in 2020. This project has become so popular. It surpassed the title of the best practice in the Ethereum network regarding the number of transactions on the protocol in August 2021. The weekly trading volume in September 2021 was about $1.29 million.

You have to own two wallets of MetaMask and Ronin to play the game. ETH coins from the first are transferred to the second, replacing them with WETH.

A player might receive 1 SLP (Axie Infinity internal token) when they win the arcade battle against a computer. They can receive up to 100 SLPs per day and then use them for pass or sale at the current US dollar rate. This price also applies to token purchases, and SLPs get burned after spending.

The other crypto asset of this specific game is AXS tokens, which are necessary for in-game purchases, and they do not get burned after transactions. AXS is an award for the users because of their time in the game. The value of the tokens in October 2021 was about $145.08.


Crypto game number two: CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is about battles; you have to create and equip characters based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain during this game. It is among the most well-known crypto gaming projects today. It pays a share of $3 million per day for each user. The transaction volume on the decentralised application on the  CryptoBlades is about $99.65 million per month.

Players profit from rewards and victories in virtual battles and in-game items (NFTs). It is necessary to have a linked MetaMask wallet to play. The users purchase BNB tokens and then exchange them for the internal CryptoBlades token of SKILL. The players can buy weapons and perform conflictive operations in the games with this money.

CryptoBlades’ native cryptocurrency SKILL was $20.18 in October 2021; however, since August 2021, SKILL has lost 42.1% of its value.

Game number 3: Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a crypto asset earning game; it is among the fastest-growing and most popular games in the DApp market. More than 2.7 million people play this game worldwide, and approximately 745,000 new members participate in Metaverse within the month.

There is just one game that runs on three simultaneous networks: Alien Worlds.

WAX pays commissions and places bets in-game. It is also easy to trade all NFTs like lands, weapons, avatars, and artifacts with this coin.

During playing this game, users receive TLM tokens, the game’s native token, which is also possible to trade within the in-game items and fulfil tasks. The maximum TLM share is about $10 billion.


play to earn cryptos

Crypto game number 4: Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a collectible crypto card game; it gains power from the Hive blockchain. Users need to collect rare monster cards (NFT) to fight other participants under its term. This project has become a trend and now has Russian translation as well. It has attracted the attention of over 96.7 thousand players every month, and the total transaction volume has exceeded the amount of 67.2 million dollars.

You can earn DEC tokens by playing this game. Splinterlands’ ground token is SPS, which can trade on the Bitunivex platform.

To start this game is free; however, it is necessary to buy the Quest Book; this book will allow you to get chests that can earn you money to complete the game.

Crypto game 5: R-PLANET

The R-PLANET game is also in NFT, on the WAX blockchain. Players take a trip to prepare Mars for colonisation, and on the way, they have to create new items that make it possible to settle on the new planet within the story. After providing such things, the users receive some NFTs.

The game got launched at the end of 2020 and gained a lot of fans at the first stage. 37.5 thousand active participants are present on this platform monthly.

The method of making money on R-PLANET is to stake NFT. Artifacts bring AETHER tokens that can be bought or sold on the Alcor in exchange for the necessities like earth, air, water, and fire.

The players can use their lands to do digging and mine resources; then, they can exchange their assets for AETHER. The players can not only stake their created items, but also they can sell them on a WAX marketplace.

Staking to the other projects purchased from the WAX market with NFT is another chance to make money in the game.

The AETHER token gets traded on the DEX, and Alcor’s decentralised exchange works with the WAX blockchain.

Play My DeFi Pet as the 6 on this list

My DeFi Pet is possible to play on the BSC blockchain. It functions like Axie Infinity and requires players to breed and breed pets, but playing the game is easy. The My DeFi Pet token had a tenfold increase in July 2021. But the price got halved to $4.10 by the end of the summer.

DPET is the main game currency, which will get used to trade and improve pets and their unique characteristics.

This game looks like working on a farm. First, you buy an egg for three DPETs and raise a pet. Eggs can get accepted on the market or obtained by crossing pets.

crypto earnings

Game 7: Crypto Zoon

Crypto Zoon is a new game; it is running on the BSC blockchain, and the history of Pokémon inspires it. This platform proposes an opportunity to pick up some funny characters by fighting with an alien and get rewards.

ZOON is an in-game token that rewards users for victories in battles; users can buy eggs and raise pets within the game. The current Crypto Zoon price as of October 2021 is $0.01663.

Crypto game number 8: Upland

The upland game is so popular among the Russian online trader’s community. This platform is on the EOS blockchain and is a virtual copy of Monopoly; players buy, sell and trade real estate objects linked to their real addresses in the Monopoly game.

The income of total players on Upland exceeded $1 million at the end of summer 2021. The platform had 130,000 monthly active users in September, and the 30-day total trading volume exceeded $3.5.

Players take a trip around the map; they find and discover new lands or treasures, and then they get them to buy UPX tokens. They can buy land and use it for real estate building and new constructions. The landlord of the structure receives $0.03 per day in UPX. If you collect specific parcels, you can get more UPX and impose an even higher tax. Also, the land can get traded on the NFT market with no difficulty, which is possible via the Bitunivex stock market.

The internal UPX token is not tradable and cannot be redeemed. However, Upland offers players the option to sell UTX for USD using the Tilia platform.

Number 9: Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the innovations of 2021 that gets blockchain technology, DeFi, real-time computer graphics, and multiplayer video games together. Star Atlas is a Metaverse space where players can live together or destroy each other, creating a new world with unique opportunities and economies. This project appeared on the Solana blockchain. Players can buy galactic assets on NFT sites in the latest version.

This game proposes users the opportunity to explore space, fight, create material values in NFTs, trade, and implement political strategies. Successful winners get rewards with ATLAS and POLIS tokens, which can get traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. In-game items also get sold on NFT marketplaces.

It is possible to create 36 billion ATLAS tokens and 360 million POLIS tokens within the game. During the initial schedule on the FTX, Raydium, and Apollo-X exchanges, two per cent of the cryptocurrency had a price of about $2 million.

create NFT

 Game number 10: Illusion

I Yagmur, currently the main competitor of Axies Infinity, explores a fragmented land of beauty and wonder. Travel across the vast and varied terrain to hunt dangerous monsters, then capture them for battle in the arenas of trade Illusions—a world of iconic and collectible characters designed by some of the world’s most talented artists.

Look out for ultra-rare Illusions designed with never-before-seen 4D holographic shading techniques. Illusion offers its community a unique opportunity to collect, trade, fight and win rare items in cryptocurrency games.

 Number 11 on this list: Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a collectible card game, and it is among the best NFT games running on the Hive Blockchain. Released as Steem Monsters in 2018, this game has attracted over 100,000 players. In addition, it is one of the most active Apps in the world because its users have competed in more than 60 million matches in total.

The game is similar to the games like Magic, The Gathering, and Hearthstone; players create a collection of cards with various stats and use them to battle with other players. All cards in Splinterlands are NFT assets that are under the players’ possession. It has its icon, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), primarily used for gaming and is a utility token; it is possible to compare it to Axie Infinity and Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

Defiantly not a boring crypto gaming number 12: Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a blockchain-based virtual management game. Players can enjoy mining, construction, PvP, scientific research, etc. They can play together in activities or fight against each other. However, the main aim is to have fun and increase your blockchain-based assets’ wealth.

Users can purchase land in Evolution Land at an auction, while the user can choose different professions to participate in the game. For example, the miner can collect silicon materials produced from gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, and the smelter can combine elements into substances, etc., can synthesise. Evolution Land also has casinos, arenas, etc. Players can play various activities while earning cryptocurrency.

Number 13: Faraland

It features exquisitely crafted digital collections using Faraland Blockchain technology. Each group is unique, original, and differs in rarity. In the Faraland Universe, there are many different races such as humans, orcs, angels, demons, dragons, elves, and fairies; all of them are waiting for the user to discover and collect them. Finally, Faraland is also a multiplayer NFT GAME RPG that allows users to enter the battlefield and profit from battles.

Number 14: Ultra-rare Fantasy Football

Ultra-rare is a soccer game with collectible cards in NFT. To start playing, just register on Ultra-rare’s official website. It is impossible to trade the Ultra-rare with regular players; you will get your first pack of cards for free, but there is a possibility to get some rare cards even in these. Overtime (and investment), the championships get more interesting. You can win ultra-rare cards on Ethereum that can be well worth the money. The game is free to start.

Number 15: Godless Gods

Godless Gods is a free tactical card game that gives players actual ownership of their in-game items. The leader is the former Game Director of Magic, The Gathering: Arena; the game focuses on competitive play, meaning players must strategically outsmart their opponents by creating decks that can counter a wide variety of tactics. In Godless Gods, players own their digital items and give the freedom to trade, sell, and use their cards as they please – as if they had real tangible cards.

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Crypto game number 16: Genesis Spells

Genesis Spells (SoG) is the first blockchain-based mobile game. SoG combines the gameplay of the Trading Card Game (TCG) with the point-and-shoot arcade games. Players must collect and combine cards to create the most robust deck to fight their enemies.

Collect, trade, and combine orbs to form the strongest team and challenge various opponents as you explore the fantasy kingdom of Askian. Use the blockchain collections you have in your wallet or purchase in-game cards that are your assets. The principle is straightforward and addictive, but as you progress, you will need to develop an impressive strategy to defeat all the enemies and keep earning cryptocurrencies.

Number 17: LiteBringer

LiteBringer is one of the first blockchain games and the first to run entirely on the Litecoin blockchain. Its decentralised architecture provides gamers with unprecedented freedom and security in online gaming. LiteBringer has been nominated for the Innovation Award by the “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis.”

LiteBringer is a mixture of trading simulation and idle games with RPG elements. Players level up a warrior, bandit, or mage in the creative fantasy world of Asirenia; they eventually promote themselves to an advanced class that is even more powerful.

Every move in this game is a kind of transaction on the Litecoin blockchain. All weapons, resources, and even characters are stored on the blockchain and can be transferred securely among the players, allowing them to earn money while having fun in the game.

Number 18: Bitcoin Riddle

In this case, it’s not a game; it’s a challenge that will earn bitcoins for whoever solves it. The project comes from Reddit user Fab1anFab1an, who periodically posts a logic query with three clues and pays the solver a value in bitcoins. This method is not only a faster way to earn but also a much larger prize pool.

The Bitcoin Riddle offers an apparent reward for each puzzle: solve the bitcoin private essential mystery, and the currency in the account will be yours. For example, Riddler #8 (“Wild Beast”) promised a reward of 0.2 BTC…

Bitcoin Riddle currently does not charge for tips, but posting a piece of information soon could cost an MSRP of 0.003 BTC, or about $0.36. It also encourages participants to donate for the next puzzle prize.

Number 19: Crypto Pop games

The launch of this list is Crypto Pop, a Bitcoin game similar to Candy Crush. To play, you have to tap on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Monero, and Ether and blast them. The more coins you throw in one tap, the more points you get. Of course, if you earn more points, you can get more money. The goal is to have a few coins on the board as possible. Before starting the game, you will need to enter your Coinbase email address in the Wallet section so that your points can get saved. If you don’t have a Coinbase account, you can sign up for free by visiting the CoinBase website.

CryptoPop proposes Ethereum and Popcoin as digital tokens these days. However, the game will add a handful of other cryptocurrencies in the future, including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and Dash. If you have gained enough points, you will be able to request your money by referring to your wallet and tapping the claim button on the Bitunivex platform.


Town Star

Gala Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform with a wide variety of cryptocurrency game categories such as City Star is a “Fazendinha” style game. The GALA currency is a reward and utility token for in-game player transactions in ecosystems. In Gala Games’ NFT market, coins can get traded, and in-game items can be sold and collected for various cryptocurrencies at a specific price, depending on their rarity.

Gala Games deliberately use the blockchain to give players exclusive ownership of in-game items like NFTs and ERC-20 Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain when collecting items within the games. In other words, all game items and old statuses collected by players will be verifiable assets on the blockchain even if their accounts are not on the platforms anymore.

Number 20: Age of Rust

If you are looking for a Play-to-Win cryptocurrency game with interactive story-based content, Age of Rust is the best choice. Imagine waking up in a disastrous world in the 44th century, when artificial intelligence and machines took control; You will explore the mysterious world and complete puzzles to collect coins.

Age of Rust is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game built under the ENJIN protocol. The game is on the Ethereum-blockchain, and the first aim of the game is to arouse people’s interest in the blockchain world. Players are doomed to a treasure hunt of more than 24 BTC, hidden by the game’s creator.

Number 21: Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a party game like Fall Guys or Super Mario Party; here, you use Blanko, a vynil-style doll-like Funkos, to participate in mini-games. Every doll or item you buy in the game is an NFT that can be printed, sold, or purchased in the in-game market. This game is still in its early access, but it can already be downloaded and experienced by those who love the party game styles. You can download it from Amazon Prime Gaming, which indicates that the game is safe.

Number 22: Clipping Bytes

If you have the experience of playing the Farmville game and loved it or other online farming games while growing up, you’d love CropBytes. Android and iOS). You can become a farmer, trader, or investor in this game to expand your farm and earn daily cryptocurrency. To profit from your farm, you must first grow and harvest crops, feed your animals, and collect products such as milk, wool, and eggs. If you collect enough effects, you can trade or sell them for cryptocurrency. You can then reinvest your money into your farm to make it even bigger and more profitable.

To get started, you must first register. CropBytes provides you with free trial assets after you sign up, and you can spend these assets for seven days. You will need to purchase in-game assets once the trial period expires to grow your business and earn cryptocurrencies. When you are ready to withdraw your crypto tokens, simply send your wallet address to Clipping Bytes email using your registered email address.


Number 23: Fog

Fog is an open-world action RPG with a dynamic fighting style unique in the MMO world. The game contains bare fighting and search engines with a strong influence from the action RPG genre. The massively multiplayer world and in-game player interactions are beside major MMO systems.

Mist has you covered whether you like completing quests, raids, player vs. player battles, or exploring a world full of possibilities. Missions and raiding are fun, but you’re under protection. Questioning and invading is fun, but there’s nothing like beating another player in a competition of pure skill. PvP in MMOs is a well-established tradition that remains a quest for those with the iron will to master a game’s mechanics.

Mist honours player commitment by providing competitive players with a rewarding place to test their mettle by using incredible combat systems that go beyond the basics.

Crypto games and Polker: Number 24

Polker, as the name suggests, is an online poker game in which the TRNG (True Random Number Generator) system gets integrated into the blockchain. This platform is gearing up to launch a game in beta in the next few days. They aim to support 3D characters, next-generation VR, environments, and visual effects. Anyone can play the game with Polker, even those who want to improve their skills without risking money.

Number 25: Bitcoin Pop

Another Bitcoin game you must play is Bitcoin Pop. Straightforward to play; You just have to hit the bubble that the unicorn is holding in the same colour bubble cluster. The more balloons you pop with the fewest moves, the more Bling Points you earn and the more Bitcoin rewards you get. However, please note that you will need many Bling Points to earn substantial bitcoins; these games usually are the case. For reference, 1,000,000 Bling Points equals just 0.0001 bitcoins.

Simply register and log in to a free Bitcoin Pop account to start playing. Then, when you’ve earned enough bitcoins, merely enter your Coinbase email address.

Number 26: Proxy

“Proxy” focuses on user-generated content – following a trend made famous by popular games like Roblox and Fortnite – and NFT collectibles. An NFT is a receipt for a visibly scarce digital item. It can represent images and video files while also being linked to individual video game items that can get resold to other users. It is a new project from the creator of The Sims.

Number 27: CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is an online game; this game allows the players to buy, sell, collect and breed different types of virtual cats. It uses the Ethereum blockchain and gets traded in the Ether cryptocurrency. The game came from the Canadian company Axiom Zen and got released on November 28, 2017. As with Oem Axie Infinity, the game’s object is to get cats with the rarest traits possible.

Every cat is unique; they cannot be reproduced or destroyed, and each has different characteristics that he can pass on to his offspring. The value of each cat depends on its specific features. This value can vary with the demand for cats with those characteristics. Cats with rare genes or old age are particularly expensive. CryptoKitties can get imported into any other game or application that supports NFTs.

Number 28: Merge Cats

If you like playing games, Merge Cats is the right choice, like idle games. First, you ought to buy cats with in-game money, not real money, to get started. These cats will run on the race track of each level, and you will earn coins every time a cat reaches the end line; the number of cats you might buy per level gets limited by the number of cats you can have on the racetrack.

So to make room, you have to combine cats of the same level and make cats of a higher level; they are much faster and provide more income. You can unlock some specific race tracks and buy faster cats when you earn enough money. However, Merge Cats offers offline earnings possibilities for its users. This issue means you can sleep or go to the office, and your cats will still work hard to earn money.

The leading cryptocurrency you earn in this game is Soul. You can exchange Soul for other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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