What can you buy with bitcoin?

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What can you buy with bitcoin?

The increasing international interest in Bitcoin shows that cryptocurrency will get used frequently in daily life. The great acceptance of the new currency caused the requirements of customers can get purchased through Bitcoin. “What can I buy with Bitcoin in countries like the US, the UK, or Turkey?” If you think so, the answer is simple; almost everything!
Bitcoin, which could be purchased at penny levels when it was new in 2009, has multiplied by 360 thousand. While extremely volatile Bitcoin can make some investors happy, it can upset them, too. Investors who are patient in Bitcoin can again experience a sharp decline with the sharp upward movement.

What can you buy with Bitcoin?

Many exciting things can get traded with Bitcoin, such as space travel, cars, real estate, and even citizenship. We can safely say that Bitcoin is an important currency and payment method.
Countries develop their regulations and approve laws regarding cryptocurrency. One of the first countries that accepted Bitcoin as an official payment method was Japan. In addition, precedent court decisions were made in many countries for Bitcoin to become a payment method. If you do not have Bitcoin yet, you can easily buy Bitcoin with a credit card through your Bitunivex account. It is also of great importance to store Bitcoin safely. The most reliable way to protect your BTC is a cold cryptocurrency wallet.
As the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies increases, so does the variety of products that can get purchased with BTC grow; because the crypto coin rate is constantly rising. Previously, two pizzas could be purchased with 10,000 Bitcoins; however now worth approximately $100 million.
“What are people buying with Bitcoin?” Let’s have a look at what could get bought in the past, what you can buy now, and what you can buy with Bitcoin in the future.

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Space travel

Have you ever thought of going to space? In the 21st century, space travel has emerged from the monopoly of professional astronauts. The trip is obviously quite expensive, but we’re talking here about what you can buy with Bitcoin, right? Virgin Galactic, a famous factory founded by Sir Richard Branson, accepts Bitcoin for space travel tickets. Branson predicted that his company and Bitcoin would represent the future, technology, and innovation. He found that those who bought Bitcoin in its early days were tech-savvy, who could be the perfect astronaut tourists of the future.
During an interview, Sir Richard said that Bitcoin has caught Virgin Galactic’s interest and that customers can pay with Bitcoin. Shortly after this announcement, the company already had female astronauts from Hawaii who bought their tickets with Bitcoin. Later, in January 2014, Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss purchased $250,000 worth of space travel tickets in Bitcoin. However, today it can be seen as a bad investment for its time as a ticket is worth more than $4 million.

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With many websites and dealers providing services in this regard, cars have the widest variety of luxury products to be purchased with Bitcoin today. Car dealers accepting BTC have noticed a correlation between BTC and Bitcoin price fluctuations. In 2013, many people bought Tesla for Bitcoin. In Florida, a TeslaS was purchased for 910 BTC, or $110,000, which is now worth $10 million.
According to early crypto investors, the only viable way to spend Bitcoin was to buy Lamborghini. In 2017, 90% of the suggestions were ‘a Lamborghini’. At the end of 2017, Peter Saddington bought a Lamborghini Huracán with Bitcoin. He was famous back then as a YouTube channel and Bitcoin forum owner. Huracan cost him 45 Bitcoins, worth about $200,000 at the time. Saddington said that he first heard of Bitcoin in 2011. He had bought 45 Bitcoins for just $115, so his supercar cost him almost $100.
Many luxury cars could get traded with Bitcoin in 2020. The Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc could get a price of 737 Bitcoins (about $7.5 million). Although we are talking about the luxury car segment here, there are many budget-friendly alternatives on the market. Just decide what you are looking for in the market.

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Real estate

Buying real estate with Bitcoin has become much more popular in the past few years, thanks to private websites that sell real estate in BTC. A wide variety of real estate options are available on these websites. Buyers just need to choose what they want to buy with Bitcoin. This good could be a $2.2 million penthouse in Cyprus, a $6 million mansion in Switzerland, or a $5 million private island in Italy. Regardless of where you want to buy the property, you can always find sellers on these sites. You can also get property from virtually anywhere on the earth — in the USA, Japan, India, Thailand, or Bali.
The first real estate purchases with Bitcoin started to appear in March 2014, when an anonymous buyer bought a villa in Bali for 800 BTC ($500,000 at the time). An anonymous buyer bought 1.5 acres of land on Lake Tahoe in California for 2793 bitcoins ($1.6 million then).
We call these transactions ‘Bitcoin exchanges’; of course, Bitcoin is converted into a fiat currency during these transactions.
The most brilliant real estate transaction made directly with Bitcoin took place in February 2018, when Bitcoin investor Michael Komaranski sold his Miami mansion for 455 BTC. It was worth $6 million at the time.

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Even citizenship nowadays is what people can buy with Bitcoin. Vanuatu, Antigua, and Barbuda were among the first countries to grant citizenship through Bitcoin. Vanuatu citizenship might cost $180,000, or 19 BTC at its current market value. Antigua and Barbuda offer cheaper citizenship for 14 BTC, or $135,000. It is necessary to note that none of these countries directly accept Bitcoin; instead, they convert BTC to dollars with an authorized agency that makes the sale.
You can buy various works of art from sites that bring art together with the internet.
There are many websites where you can purchase artworks online. In Turkey, you can buy the works of art you want with bitcoin from sanatgallery.com.

Organic products

If you are a taste lover who cares about your health, you can also buy organic extra virgin olive oil with bitcoin.
You can shop with Bitcoin at an organic food store called ‘Whole Foods’ in the US. In Turkey, you can buy organic extra virgin olive oils produced in a boutique in Milas from the Metebey brand using Bitcoin.


With Bitcoin, you can share your books and buy the books you want to read at an affordable price. There are addresses where you can shop for second-hand books with Bitcoin on online platforms.

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If you are one of those who say that the best sound comes from the recorded plates, you can buy some of them with bitcoin.

Drugs and medicines

You can shop with bitcoin from pharmacies. You can shop for pharmacies from MEdExpress which is an international trading address.


You won’t believe it, but you can also buy marble with bitcoin. It is possible to buy marble and many different types of natural stones with Bitcoin from Lena Natural Stone in Turkey.


You can hire a lawyer with Bitcoin.

Nuts and sweets

You can buy nut butter with Bitcoin. You can shop for sweets.


You can buy quality and stylish curtains. Furthermore, you can shop for curtains with Bitcoin. It is possible to buy the most enjoyable parts of shopping, deters, and stationery products with Bitcoin.

Can we spend our Bitcoins in the market?

In this article, we took a look at what you can buy with Bitcoin online and offline, usually in the luxury segment. There are many more goods that are possible to get traded with Bitcoin. As we mentioned, you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin, from groceries to books, from your island to space travel. If you have a Bitunivex account and the opportunity to trade through Bitcoin, we wish you a happy shopping!

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