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If you are involved in the crypto industry, this article is probably not for you, as anyone working with crypto, you even those who have done a single transaction with it, have to know how to work with blockchain explorers as its the most important thing you do after the transfer. As the name suggests, a blockchain explorer is software that allows you to explore the blockchain and everything that has been done on it, from viewing wallets to contracts and transactions. 


What is it?

Blockchain explorer is the blockchain browser.

To explain a blockchain explorer, think of the internet browser you are using to read this article, whether safari, chrome, or edge. That browser is an application that gives you the ability to explore the internet and search on every single matter, whatever available. That’s why at the beginning, Microsoft’s first-ever browser was called “Internet Explorer.” Now blockchain explorer is the exact same thing but on the blockchain rather than the internet. To find out more about blockchain technology, read our blog.


Why should I care about the blockchain explorer?


If you’ve ever conducted a crypto transaction, you know that the first thing you need to prove is the transaction ID. The transaction ID is an AlphaNumeric Code, which is also called a “hash” or “Hex,” that shows the amount of the coin and the receiver and sender’s wallet address, with the precise time of the transaction, and sometimes this gets more complicated with tokens and their contact addresses. Depending on the explorer and platform, you might see the gas fee used for the transaction. This information is essential to prevent fraud and validate people’s claims. To this day, no other financial platform has this amount of transparency


How can I use blockchain explorer?

Bitunivex exchange

Each blockchain (not token or coin) has its own explorer, and sometimes there are multiple ones available on different websites. While all of them are (most probably) correct, usually one is official, but that depends on the chain. For example, there is no official bitcoin explorer because there is no official bitcoin entity. For popularity, we will introduce the 3 most famous ones of Bitcoin Ethereum and TRON.


For bitcoin, head to blockchain.com/explorer and choose bitcoin explorer on the top menu. (note that this website is by no means the governor on the bitcoin blockchain)


For Ethereum, go to etherscan.io and use the search tap on the top. And chose the main net (if it’s on any test nets). It’s worth noting that ether scan is managed by the ethereum foundation, which has been set up to have non-authoritarian oversight.


You can find wallet addresses, transactions, and real-time confirmation In all of the blockchain explorers that have been mentioned in this article. For Tron, visit tronscan.org and use the search bar to look for any tokens addresses and hashes. You can also see advanced features like gas fees, contract addresses, and contract types like a DEFI protocol. Note that all of these platforms contain ads, so don’t take information like interest rates or ICOs or wallets as verified information.


Blockchain explorer is a great technology that individuals or corporations can use to prevent fraud worldwide. This technology still needs a lot of development, especially for user experience, but further investments in this market require clear regulations and recognition for governments worldwide.


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