Where did ripple come from?

Where did ripple come from?
Where did ripple come from?

Ripple is a financial system that functions as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system. Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb co-founded it and it was initially launched in 2012. Ripple’s core procedure is comparable to the SWIFT system used for international financial transactions. In this post, we will review the history of Ripple and see where it came from.


Ripple History

Where did ripple come from?

Ripple began as RipplePay in 2004. Ripple Pay’s mission was to deliver safe and quick money transfers throughout the world at a cheaper cost than existing payment systems. Ripple Pay began as a way for people to extend their lines of credit to family members and friends. It also supported regular online payments as well as the exchange of virtual money.

RippleLabs, a tech company, acquired RipplePay in 2012 and rebuilt the system. Through the incorporation of a new cryptocurrency, XRP, this new system featured elements of a digital payment network.


XRP and Ripple Network


XRP is a digital currency based on the XRP ledger and is used by the Ripple network’s xRapid payment service for facilitating transactions. Although Ripple and XRP are sometimes used indiscriminately, Ripple is a payments network, whereas XRP is a virtual currency that functions without the intervention of Ripple. It merely serves as a link between various fiat currencies that are exchanged through the Ripple network.

It makes no distinction between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, making it simple to exchange one money for another. Each currency has a gateway to itself. Different gateways can be utilized to begin a transaction, establishing a chain of trust that extends throughout all participants.


How Does Ripple Work?

Where did ripple come from?

Ripple is a p2p decentralized network that enables the flawless flow of money in every currency, including fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Ripple is a worldwide payment system with a customer base that includes prominent banks and financial institutions. The company’s products utilize XRP to allow for fast currency conversion.

XRP vs. Bitcoin: What’s the Difference?

XRP was designed as a money transfer and currency exchange platform for banks and financial systems. Bitcoin, on the other hand, was created as a decentralized virtual currency for the purpose of sale and purchase.

XRP’s first goal was to serve as the foundation for a direct asset transfer network that would be less expensive, more open, and secure than current money transfer options. Sometimes it is referred to as Ripple since it does this on the Ripple network.

A team of developers from all around the globe maintains the Bitcoin network and all of them are volunteers who contribute to the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and is not regulated by any government or organization.

The XRP Ledger has a unique consensus method that employs a network of verifying servers, resulting in faster transactions.

A further important difference is that XRP is not like Bitcoin and is not intended to be mined. Miners are compensated in Bitcoin in the form of freshly generated Bitcoin, whereas no user can mine XRP at all.

Is Ripple Profitable?

Ripple has acquired a lot of traction, and the fact that so many companies are adopting it suggests that the coins will become valuable assets in and of themselves. Last year, the value of one XRP token increased faster than the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Binance and Poloniex are two cryptocurrency exchanges that trade XRP.



Ripple is an online payment platform and system based on the blockchain and has a cryptocurrency of its own which is called XRP. Instead of using blockchain mining, Ripple confirms transactions through a consensus method using a network of bank-owned computers.

Ripple transactions consume less energy, are verified in milliseconds, and are inexpensive, while bitcoin transactions require more energy, have higher transaction fees and their confirmation takes longer. 

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Where did ripple come from?

Where did ripple come from?

Ripple is a financial system that functions as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system. Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb co-founded it and it

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