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  • This bullish GALA setup could trigger a 54% upswing

This bullish GALA setup could trigger a 54% upswing

This bullish GALA setup could trigger a 54% upswing

GALA appears to have been on a three-week price consolidation phase. The coin has shown great resilience during this period, and it may be poised for a very decisive bull run. However, this is a long entry position that requires a bit of patience. Here are the highlights to keep in mind:

  • GALA’s consolidation has kept bear pressure off despite market headwinds

  • The coin could break and swing by 54% in the green

  • However, this will likely take a few weeks to materialize

Data Source: TradingView 

GALA: The long play for 50% returns

One thing we have learned about GALA over the past month is just how resilient it can be. Gaming and metaverse coins have not had a good year. But after falling sharply, GALA has managed to recover and has maintained a three-week price consolidation phase. The coin is now facing a decisive breakout, and here is why. 

First, all technical indicators appear to suggest a bull run is on the cards. The RSI reading is in the bullish territory while the price action remains above the 20- and 50-day EMAs. Also, sentiment in the market is now turning positive.

If these conditions hold over the coming weeks, GALA has the potential to swing up by a whopping 54%. This surge will also push the coin above the crucial psychological zone of $0.12. Besides, GALA remains above several support zones, so downside risks are very minimal right now.

How to enter this GALA setup?

As noted above, the bullish GALA setup is long-term. In fact, we expect some volatility in between as the coin tries to surge to $0.12.

So, if you want to enter this setup, you must take a long position. Some of these gains could be realized in a month or so. It requires patience and trading discipline.

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