UFO Gaming introduces staking dApp on Polygon

UFO Gaming introduces staking dApp on Polygon

Digital gaming platform UFO Gaming is throwing a Metaverse Launch Party to celebrate the introduction of its gaming and staking dApp on Polygon today, Coin Journal learned from a press release. The party will take place in the Dark Metaverse.

DApp revealed at the end of the party 

The launch party will feature a special Easter Egg hunt and end with the launch and reveal of the UFO Gaming staking dApp, where participants are eligible for Plasma and UFO rewards in the Polygon ecosystem. 

Introducing Super Galactic, the first game in the Dark Metaverse 

The gaming platform spent half a year creating a Web3 metaverse gaming platform and a high-quality game in Super Galactic, the first Dark Metaverse game. 

Today’s launch on Polygon is just the beginning of what UFO has in store for its fans and users. Super Galactic is currently available on Android and Windows and is coming to Mac and iPhone soon.

About UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming is a completely decentralized gaming platform, which provides blockchain support for traditional games. It is based on the classic play-to-earn principle. 

The gaming company, which is a pioneer in its niche, was founded by a team of crypto and gaming enthusiasts who are moving the gaming industry forward by harnessing the power of the blockchain in a play-to-earn economy. 

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