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Cronos Chart coin is a cryptocurrency exchange that supports more than 150 currencies and blockchain-related products. Chain is open-source on Github. Chain is the next generation that enables transactions between people and businesses. They offer a token named Crypto com, also known as crypto and CRO. It was initially built using Ethereum’s blockchain.

In the beginning, was called Monaco, and its token was named MCO. But they renamed the cryptocurrency into CRO, as it is known today. CRO is a native token of the blockchain, which made a network of cryptocurrency projects to make traders accept crypto as a real currency.

Nowadays, CRO is an accepted currency for businesses. Users can receive all their payments instantly. CRO is also on DeFi Swap. says it wants to give people the right to their money, data, and identity through decentralization. In 2021 provided updates to CRO token distribution to better decentralize it. If you want to make sure that the CRO token is the right choice for you, check out the rest of the article. coin Creators

Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszalek, and Rafael Melo founded in 2016 in Hong Kong. Bobby Bao is currently the Head of Corporate Development at Now It has over 10 million customers in the world.

It is fascinating to know that a researcher named Matt Blaze owned the domain coin in 1993 and sold it to Company for 12 million dollars.

Kris Marszalek was a founder in the tech space (e-commerce, mobile LBS app, consumer electronics) before starting company. He is currently the CEO of this company.

Bobby Bao has a lot of knowledge in investment and corporate development. He studied at the University of Melbourne- NYU Stern and William & Mary University. Right now, he is the head of Corporate Development.

Gary Or has a degree in computer sciences from the University of Hong Kong. Before co-founding this platform, he was a full-stack engineer. Gary used to work as a platform designer. He is the founder of Particle B in this company.

Rafael Melo has a B.A. in Engineering from the University of PUC-Rio. He had worked with many great Asian companies before starting the CRO. He is the CFO of

How Does CRO Works? coin token is limited in number. It used to be about 100 billion tokens; however, they have pledged to burn 70 billion CRO leaving about 5.9 billion CRO tokens for Chain validators and allocation to Particle B for the development of the ecosystem. All of those tokens were made after the creation of the blockchain. Therefore no one can mine this currency anymore.

Customers can keep their assets in their online accounts or transfer them into their other addresses, including credit cards. Coin Strength

Customers can swap CRO. CRO Liquidity Providers lets the users earn fees and boost their yield when they stake CRO by up to 20x.

You can achieve the following advantages by staking CRO on the App:

  • Reserve a premium metal Crypto.comcoin Visa card.
  • Receive Crypto Wallet Profits like Purchase Rebates, Extra Card Cashback.
  • Have better APR in Crypto Credit and Crypto income.

The numbers show that the coin has a promising future with several improvements coming. The most prominent thing about CRO is that the coin’s value has never been so low, which is why it is attractive to traders.

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Best Way to Buy CRO in Australia

One problem that makes people nervous about purchasing cryptocurrency is that the process looks complicated. Bitunivex platform makes the transactions easy and fast for you.

Bitunivex is a global exchange platform in Sydney, Australia. Bitunivex provides digital wallet services to its users. If you live in Australia and are looking for a safe way to purchase CRO, Bitunivex can help you make your purchases and transactions.

You can buy and store your CRO in your digital wallet, Cell-phone or desktop.

Is CRO Real and Safe? coin is built on a firm base of security and privacy. It has ISO/IEC 27701:2019, CCSS Level 3, ISO 27001:2013 and PCI:DSS 3.2.1. This platform uses threat modeling. How does it work?

In threat modeling, the network systematically tries to predict possible threats to prevent them before happening. It uses different measures, like the STRIDE security model.

CRO can be a good investment, especially for those who wish to make a long-term investment. It is pretty safe and secure.

CRO token has been developed based on the ERC-20 standards, which means that CRO is on the Ethereum network, so its security is in accordance with the Ethash.

CRO is as safe and as secure as it gets to be. However, be aware that all cryptocurrencies have their risks. Winning profit or losing your asset depends on your wittiness to know when to buy or sell and when to hold. Be sure to make wise choices and remember you cannot lose money unless you lose your patience.

Can I Cash Out Coin Anytime?

If you are wondering how to cash out your investment in coin, you should check your crypto exchange. Please go through the exchange’s regulations to see what services they will provide you before making up your mind on the platform. For example, Bitunivex provides you with wallet services and allows you to deposit and withdraw using AUD. It would be best if you chose a cryptocurrency exchange that is in your best interest.

Bitunivex provides you with the customer service you have the right to have. Your request is highly valuable, and will Bitunivex has this policy and tries its best to answer the customers in less than 3 minutes. You can find out more about our services and policies on our website and your personal account. Do you not have one? Make one right now.

Due to the high amount of fraud websites, be very careful in picking your exchange platform. You are now just one click away from learning everything you need to know to have a successful trading career.