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HIVE Blockchain is a blockchain corporation established in Canada that specializes in the mining and selling digital currency. In Canada, Sweden, and Iceland, the company has green energy-powered data center facilities that manufacture minted digital currencies. Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin are the digital currencies used by the company. The company also provides stockholders with digital currency mining operational margins as well as a crypto coin portfolio. A data center facility is also owned by the company in New Brunswick. Canada, Sweden, Iceland, and Bermuda are among the company’s geographic segments. The firm offers services in the blockchain industry as well as traditional financial markets.

What is Hive?

Hive is a decentralized information-sharing network with a blockchain-based financial ledger based on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol that was launched on March 20th, 2020. Hive can handle a wide range of information exchange applications. A plethora of dapps, APIs, and front-ends contribute to the broad and uncomplicated accessibility of data, transactions, and records, ensuring that the ecosystem is welcome to content producers, users, investors, and builders thanks to its current diversity and utility.

Hive is designed to store large volumes of data and make it available for monetization on a temporal basis. Social media with paid benefits for content creators, interactive games, identity management, polling systems, and micro-loans are all examples of applications. With the global adoption of the currency and platforms in mind, the blockchain’s performance is built to grow. Hive is positioned to become one of the major blockchain technologies utilized by people all over the world by integrating lightning-fast processing speeds with fee-free transactions.

Hive: roots and history

Olivier Roussy Newton and Harry Pokrandt co-founded HIVE.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies LTD’s co-founder and the president is Olivier Roussy Newton. He also co-founded DeFi Holdings and Exponential Genomics Inc., among other companies (Xenomics). He is also the co-founder and director of Valour, as well as the chairman of Quantum Holdings.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies LTD’s co-founder and CEO is Harry Pokrandt. Pokrandt also sits on the board of KORE Mining Ltd and Blockhead Technologies. He has previously worked for Sandspring Resources Ltd.

How does Hive work?

Hive’s high transaction volume support, along with its rapid 3-second block intervals and fee-free transactions, makes it a perfect platform for creating highly interactive apps that would slow things down on conventional blockchain networks. It also has a particular focus on a 2nd layer design for spreading application loading across several sidechains, allowing scaling beyond the boundaries of standard smart-contract networks. To overcome scaling issues, an application’s proponents can allocate additional CPU resources at the second layer as required to power their desired applications without having to think about network problems from other apps while still benefiting from a common first-layer blockchain backbone to ensure distributed data integrity. This scalability also creates a unique competitive environment for app creators.

Hive was formed by a wide diversity of community members, developers, and investors that shared a belief in decentralization as a mutual purpose. It is not backed by a firm or a team. Hive is a global network of nodes, stakeholders, and contributors with nodes, stakeholders, and contributors in many nations across the world. Hive uses the DPOS consensus system for decentralized governance, which is used for both software development and protocol updates. Stake-weighted voting is used to elect block producers, also known as witnesses, who must agree to allow modifications to the 1st layer protocol adopted by all apps, ensuring a solid foundation while allowing 2nd layer applications to innovate quickly. All protocol modifications are suggested, developed, planned for, and implemented as part of a transparent and collaborative team.

Why choose Hive?

The fact that HIVE has a functioning ecosystem of apps, groups, and individuals is what sets it apart.
It is a decentralized blockchain and ecosystem that was created with mass adoption in mind. HIVE aims to become one of the major Web 3.0 blockchains by combining rapid processing and zero-fee transactions. HIVE is and will remain open-source, according to the founders.

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Is Hive real and safe?

The network is designed to store massive quantities of data and make it available to users through a time-based revenue model. Social media dapps that pay content creators, interactive play-to-earn games, identity management, polling systems, and microloans are just a few examples of uses.

Users may post original articles on the Hive platform, which are immutably maintained on the Hive blockchain. Hive tokens are awarded to content authors by those who upvote it (HIVE and HBD). The prizes are based on the content’s decentralized appraisal by readers and curators throughout a seven-day voting period.

Data, transactions, and records are widely accessible and transparent thanks to a slew of dapps, APIs, and front-ends. This ecosystem’s existing diversity and utility ensures that content creators, users, investors, and developers will flock to it.

Each username on the network is made up of alphanumeric characters chosen by the user and has its own specialized wallet with unique security features. This gives each Hive community member complete control over their funds.

Hive is the world’s first decentralized, user-controlled, massively scalable delegated proof-of-stake blockchain.

Across the years, Hive has been utilized in hundreds of apps, organizations, and projects all over the world. So, Hive seems real and safe enough to invest in.

Can I cash out Hive anytime?

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