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Metaverse projects, which have encountered great international interest, enable people to step into different worlds via the internet. Along with this, the blockchain structure, which has developed very rapidly in recent years, has started to integrate with Metaverse projects. The UFO Gaming project is also an example of an initiative that brings together the Metaverse world and the blockchain structure. The theme of this project, which was initially met with great interest by people who like to deal with planets, is the contact between decentralized galaxies. The currency used in this social game is called $UFO; you can see the letters in the project name. $UFO is closed-loop cryptocurrency users can apply by joining the Dark Metaverse universe and has become an extremely popular altcoin.

UFO Gaming (UFO) working principle and features

There is an absolute need for a playable game character to play and operate the Super Galactic game. The structure system that names them is NFTs called UFOeps process.

Participants or gamers using the platform can earn a fund UFOep build from the Cosmos event within the first few days, but the level of creation of a fund class drops critically over time. It is necessary to have Plasma Points to do this.

Participants interested in targeting the UFOep cause can then purchase UFOep on open platform trading places, such as Bitunivex, finish daily tasks one by one and obtain UAP tokens.

UAPs can help build the UFOeps community cumulatively with healthy generations. It creates conscious generation and then transfers to the next person based on their score; score directly affects their ability to monetize daily routines.

Participants who fight for the targeting logic and eliminate the evil alien species wreaking havoc in the current space get rewards. At the same time, the UFOep community creates a closed circulation for the assumption of value within itself, serving as a referral ramp for future participants who wish to challenge other UFOeps.

UFO Gaming as Cryptocurrency (UFO)

Everything will exist in the correlation between the UFO and the primary token for the structured platform. For example, to play Super Galactic, the first game on this platform, you must first make a UFO or UFO/ETH LP opportunity chance in Cosmos.

In Cosmos (betting on DAPP), you can obtain Plasma Points and the game continues according to the logic. Plasma points are needed to get a soldier (UFO) to play.

UAP is required to streamline (create) soldiers in the game. These soldiers might appear by completing Super Galactic Issues and Daily Quests.

Plasma points come to existence for an obvious target to print UFOep NFTs for the Super Galactic only, while UFO and UAP might be traded on the open market. 

What is the purpose of the UFO Gaming Project?

Aiming at different planets and this interplanetary theme, the project focuses on bringing people together in the game and creating a virtual community. In the game, users can buy NFT products or perform different trades. In these trades, the main currency of the project, $UFO Coin, is being used. The first game presented to the players in this Metaverse system created is the Super Galactic game. In the Super Galactic game, which is an RGP style game, players use $UFO Coins to create new characters and complete missions. In addition, a user can reach the progress of the UFO Gaming Metaverse system, and a game might get offered to the user at

What is the future of the UFO Coin?

With the rapid progress of technology, both Metaverse and blockchain technologies are developing rapidly. In the UFO Gaming project, which is built on exactly these two systems, each user who wants to step into the Dark Metaverse world should stake $UFO Coin. Based on this, if the game becomes increasingly popular, the currency used in the system, $UFO, will also be expected to increase due to the limited supply. 

However, it is not an investment suggestion, but there are predictions by many experts that the UFO Gaming project will bring a more valuable Coin than many other cryptocurrencies. This prediction is because of the increasing popularity of many projects developed on the Metaverse.

How to get UFO Token?

Purchase UFO Token from exchanges such as Bitunivex. For this, you deposit your money on the exchange market and then start your trading process with any of the UFO token pairs. Just place a UFO coin purchase order. 

If you intend to keep the $UFO tokens you have purchased for a long time, you can complete your purchase by transferring your tokens to a cold wallet.

$UFO Coin advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of $UFO Coin, which has emerged to be used in the UFO Gaming system and will be the currency of the Metaverse, are listed as the following: 

  • With its popularity increasing day by day, the number of exchanges with $UFO Coin is on a considerable rise.
  • With the fact that a virtual world is a currency and this virtual world is gaining users every day, the frequency of use in the game is constantly increasing.
  • Since each newly added player to the virtual universe can invite another player to this universe, $UFO Coin may become a cryptocurrency known to almost everyone in the future.
  • There is a recommendation to use a cold wallet in case of an attack.
  • When examining its graph, it is clear that it is a token that is delayed by people, as a result of its price constantly hovering at ATH levels, 

How does the UFO Gaming cryptocurrency work?

Cryptocurrency takes a community-driven approach to everything they do.

A platform for decentralized games, choose your favorite genre to earn money. The ownership of the set is determined entirely by the users. Game assets (NFTs, currency) can get transferred from one platform to another. Transparent and sustainable, win-win economy.

UFO Game in a nutshell

  • Community-oriented,
  • Safe and audited by Hacken,
  • DAO Governance,
  • Complex NFT- and token comic system,
  • Super Galactic, our first game,
  • GONE game,
  • In-game assets such as NFTs (weapons, armors, loot boxes(,
  • Characters as NFT (different levels by degree),
  • User rating (the more you play and get a higher level, the higher the rating to win the UAP coin system is),
  • Two coin system that encourages the use of UFOs and does not increase inflation,
  • Creation (create characters to create stronger characters),
  • NFT market (for exchanging in-game assets),
  • Metaverse (virtual properties represented as NFTs to generate revenue from burned-out UFO games)
  • Ecosystem (Dark Metaverse)
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What is Dark Metaverse?

Dark Metaverse is the name of the UFO Gaming virtual universe. In this virtual universe, there will be planets and virtual games with Play-to-Earn (P2E) system that might represent each planet. 

What is Super Galactic?

Super Galactic is a decentralized game with a unique collection of NFTs and an auto fighter mode built on the Ethereum network and integrated with a hyper-scalable Polygon L2 solution. You need some NFT objects, which are called UFOep, to play the Super Galactic game; that is, a game character. To create a UFOeps character, you need to have UFO Tokens and collect points, called Plasma Points by staking.

What is the UFO Coin?

UFO Coin is an erroneous term for UFO Token that users coined within themselves. The reason for this wrong understanding is that it is a token unit called UFO Token and is not a coin. Likewise, the term UFO Gaming Coin is a misnomer. Therefore, any name starting with UFO Coin and UFO Gaming Coin will lead to correct results but might be incorrect terms.

What are the metric data of the UFO Coin?

The blockchain, token type, and maximum supply information about the $UFO token can be listed as follows:

  • Token Name: UFO Gaming
  • Token Symbol: $UFO
  • Maximum Supply Quantity: 25,757,575,757,575 units
  • Token Type: ERC-721
  • Used Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain